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Coaching for Change

For today's executive, success means you must be able to lead a diverse workplace. Teams are no longer homogenous, filled with like-minded people.

Boomers and Gen-Xers face a new challenge—managing millennials. Leadership used to feel more clear-cut. But now, if you want to impact those you lead, you have to adapt your skillset like never before.
    Why Today’s Leaders Feel Like They’ve Met Their Match
    In my business, I'm around executives and managers all the time. And the topic of conversation is always the same. It's born out of frustration, bordering on desperation, united around leading millennials.

    Here are some struggles I hear from executives every day:
    • I don't know how to connect with millennials. I've never struggled so much in my role. Help!?!?
    • How do I engage millennials?
    • What motivates them in the workplace?
    • What incentives or rewards are meaningful to millennials?
    • How do I keep my team aligned in the kind of flexible environment they want?
    • What company culture helps millennials thrive and how do I create it?
    3 Undeniable Reasons We Should Talk Today
    The best way to find answers is with a trusted ally—an ally who “speaks millennial" and understands your leadership challenges.

    Without help, here's what you'll face…
      1. This Problem Isn’t Going Away
      Millennials are entering the workforce and that’s only going to rise. This is not a temporary blip. The office won’t ‘go back to normal’ in a year. This is the new reality.
        2. What Worked in the Past Has Passed
        Leaders like you know the importance of adapting. The real challenge for you is this workforce requires some fundamental shifts. Simply put, a new shade of lipstick on your tried-and-true management style will lead to mutiny. The ‘good old days’ are a thing of the past.
          3. Unless You Discover a New Approach, Things Will Only Get Worse
          There are two kinds of leaders—those who force others to bend or those who bend to serve others. Attempting to lead millennials like you've led before, and expecting the same results is futile. You're setting yourself up for failure and frustration.

          Unhappy leaders and unhealthy teams never win!
            See How I've Helped Leaders Like You
            James cuts through the noise. After listening to our struggles, he offered the clarity we desperately needed. The results of his proven insights shifted our management culture. Our teams are aligned and much more effective.
            Shane Sams, COO of Marnie
            I’ve had James coach every executive I’ve hired. In fact, it’s the first thing they do when they come to Miiissy. His coaching has saved me, HR, my executive leadership, and the majority of my workforce 1,000 headaches. The pain James’ coaching helps us avoid and profits we’ve made because of it are incalcuable.
            Margaret Mahoney, President of Miiissy
            Let Me Help You Breakthrough
            As a coach, I help you reframe your approach. Together we'll discover what kind of skills it takes to engage this new group you're tasked with leading. I'm here to listen, encourages you, hold you accountable, and help you lead the future.
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